Torcal Power provides direct support from the engineering departments of all the factories we represent


At Torcal Power we provide our clients with the professional advice they need and all the information related to electrical, measuring, control or instrumentation materials. For this we have a highly trained staff to provide the best advice for your needs, and thus protect your investment.

All the equipment we work with pass a rigorous and meticulous quality control and comply with the international standards that are currently required, innovative materials.


At Torcal Power, we provide installation services for industrial equipment to companies in sectors such as shipping, power generation, industrial production and a wide range of other sectors.

We develop engineering technology solutions that include installation of industrial generators, quality control systems, we market and distribute directly.


At Torcal Power we generate scheduled maintenance schedules at the recommended intervals, it is essential to ensure the reliability, the life of the engine and a maximum return on investment in any power generation equipment. This approach also minimizes downtime since operators can arrange for backup power while servicing the main unit.

Technical emergency care

Torcal Power provides guaranteed answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all contingencies, our response time is vital for business continuity and to limit as much as possible periods of inactivity due to severe anomalies of the system.
Therefore, it is essential to have the expertise of a maintenance provider who knows perfectly their equipment and their work environment, in order to respond to emergencies in the guaranteed time.


Torcal Power specialists can help you acquire the skills necessary to efficiently use your equipment and thus increase availability.
Torcal Power technical training trainings can be delivered at your location.